Month: August 2012

Tammy Stotik

For years our organization has gone to Janine Blatt for prompt, reliable, and clear legal advice.  She has held my hand through major employee handbook revisions, lent her expertise to contract overhauls, and has been fantastically responsive to the quick

Mike Wilson

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Druckman and Janine Blatt in the past on very challenging legal and labor arbitration cases.  I am looking forward to that continued working relationship as I have always been pleased with

Randy Springer

I have worked with Jeff and Janine for several years and appreciate the sound and practical advice they always provide to help us resolve legal issues. You can be confident when working with them that your issues will be efficiently


I have worked with both Jeff and Janine over the past 15 plus years.  As a human resources professional for 40 years it is always a pleasure to work with these fine attorneys.  What I have come to appreciate most